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Complete Case Management Solution

Lifecycle Compliance
in One Dashboard

Monitor, detect, investigate, and report suspicious customer behaviour
and connected third-party activities.

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Informed and Efficient
AML Investigations

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Manage All Cases From
One Dashboard

Assisting your organisation in efficiently managing its compliance processes and mitigating potential risks. ArriTech enables a streamlined approach to case management according to jurisdictional requirements. Integrate user data to compliance and anti-fraud procedures - code-free.

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Streamline Compliance and Mitigate
Risks Through an Efficient Case
Management Solution

Enhance your transparency, accuracy, and effectiveness. Access real-time insights and leverage data analytics to identify potential risks and suspicious activities, bolstering your efforts to combat financial crimes.

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Indicators and Documentation for
Investigations and Ongoing Monitoring

Align your organisation's needs around our global case management solution. Empower your business to efficiently report crime through proactive risk assessments, flagging and documenting potential risks, ongoing monitoring and notifications.

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Suspicious Activity Reporting (SAR)
Generation for Potential Money Laundering Activities

Streamline SAR generation for potential money laundering activities and improve communication and compliance reporting with authorities to ensure timely and accurate compliance within a robust case management framework.

Enhance the Transparency and
Effectiveness of Your AML and
KYC Procedures

Lean into ArriTech's proven expertise to reduce risk and friction
and grow your business while maintaining customer trust.

Comprehensive and Efficient Case Management

Comprehensive risk  

Comprehensive risk management

  • Streamlined regulatory reporting
  • Full audit trail
  • Uninterrupted collaboration and communication
SAR creation and submission

SAR creation and submission

  • Ongoing monitoring
  • Receive notifications
  • Access to global watchlists
End-to-end case management solution

End-to-end case management solution

  • Commercially Viable Management Solutions
  • Customer contact upon our clients' approval
  • Integrated AML Services
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AML/CFT and KYC Solutions
for Any Industry, Anywhere

Seamlessly solve case management tasks, regardless of industry,
through a single dashboard.



Stay in control of your business through efficient case management - monitor, detect, investigate, and report suspicious cases.



Eliminate financial crime without introducing friction in your services and user journeys.


Payment Providers & EMI

We can ensure quick and frictionless vendor and customer onboarding—CaseManagement solutions encompass a comprehensive range of payment acquiring and payment provider services.



Get to know your customers and manage them from a regulatory perspective throughout their lifetime.



Maintain frictionless operations while achieving compliance and fighting financial crime in a vulnerable sector.


Corporate Service Providers

Ensure compliance with local AML/CFT laws, safeguard your company from bad actors, and provide essential business functions and communication with regulators.



Enhance your business by adding a comprehensive case management solution for all your AML/CFT procedures relating to KYC and KYB.


Real Estate

Improve your services with our case management solution - establish monitoring and reporting procedures to reduce business risks.

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Take Control of Your AML/CFT

We are ready to discuss your requirements and arrange a demonstration
of our case management tools

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