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Complete customer life cycle management.

Your control centre for Identity Verification

End-to-end solution to onboard customers,
build trust and mitigate risks.

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How Our Identity Platform Can Help

QGen Online helps you evaluate and know your customers throughout the user journey. Our risk management platform facilitates automated and manual flows to verify the identity of anyone, anywhere, with guaranteed match rates while meeting regulatory requirements. Thanks to our end-to-end approach, we can cover all your compliance needs, from identity and business verification to screening, monitoring, and solving compliance tasks around investigations and reporting.

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Intelligent Solutions

For Every Task

Know Your Customer

Know Your Customer

By combining automation and manual verification, we guarantee a flawless onboarding process and full compliance on a global scale, achieving match rates of 100%.

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Know Your Business

Know Your Business

Gain a complete understanding of prospective customers and clients by leveraging our expansive international databases. Seamlessly onboard businesses anywhere in the world while maintaining compliance standards.

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Case Management

Case Management

Address all your regulatory requirements efficiently by utilising a unified solution that enables you to investigate, report, and resolve compliance tasks seamlessly.

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Screening and  

Screening and Monitoring

Safeguard your business by proactively mitigating financial crimes and resolving false positives. Enhance your risk management capabilities through comprehensive screening and continuous monitoring of individuals.

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Access to Global  

Access to Global Databases

Improve your company's lines of defences with real-time access to high-quality databases and registries worldwide. Gain all the intel to not only mitigate risks but also to onboard customers and clients safely.

Data Extraction

Data Extraction

Delays and mistakes occur when transcribing official documents into internal systems. Our system retrieves official data and registry documents and allows you to validate and extract that data.

API Integration

API Integration

You can create customised applications that match your business-specific needs through our API to put you on the right growth path.



Fortify your business with Arritech. Our expertise helps companies deal with risk and turn internal compliance into opportunity.

Regulatory requirements worldwide are more challenging and changing more rapidly due to technology. Failure to comply with existing and emerging regulations can jeopardise your reputation and business.

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No Need For Additional Services

Save time and resources when dealing with complex and confusing documentation. Automated solutions cannot achieve 100% match rates. However, our in-house experts can assist in the most challenging cases and always find a resolution. We can help you achieve complete peace of mind in onboarding all customers safely, providing an extra level of assurance in risk prevention. Our team is always there to assist you every step of the way.

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Any Industry, Anywhere

Arritech helps businesses from industries around the
world to achieve compliance, reduce fraud and build
customer trust.



Expand your business with confidence, safeguarding it against fraud and compliance risks. Achieve seamless onboarding verification, robust AML/CFT screening and monitoring, and efficient case management through the QGen Online platform.



Enhance customer onboarding and financial services while maintaining rigorous fraud detection and covering regulatory compliance.


Payment Providers & EMI

The QGen Online platform facilitates efficient vendor and customer onboarding, encompassing merchant acquiring and payment provider services.



Ensure continuous compliance, prevent criminal activity, detect fraudulent behaviour, and safeguard your reputation in the competitive iGaming industry by consistently staying informed about your customers.



Minimise onboarding dropoffs and maintain compliance in the evolving crypto ecosystem by actively combating fraud, eliminating friction, and reassuring users.


Corporate Service Providers

Safeguard your company against malicious entities while adhering to local AML/CFT laws, delivering essential business functions, and providing comprehensive support to your clients.



Elevate your business operations by adopting a single solution encompassing AML/CFT procedures, KYB and KYC-compliant onboarding, and comprehensive risk management practices.


Real Estate

Enhance your real estate services by strengthening internal controls and implementing robust monitoring systems, effectively mitigating risks associated with fines and liabilities arising from third-party engagements.

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