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Outsource your identity verification and AML/CFT needs

Expertly Managed Services
for Your Business

Reduce your cost of compliance and free up time to focus on other business priorities.

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Why Opt for Managed Business
Services in KYC and KYB

Regulated firms and corporate organisations face increasing challenges in risk management, compliance costs, and evolving regulatory requirements. As a result, striking a balance between quality compliance expenditures with cost control is crucial. That is where Arritech’s managed business services come in. By outsourcing compliance processes relating to KYC and AML screening, ongoing monitoring, and reporting, we can help enhance the efficiency and lower the costs of your business operations.

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KYC and KYB Managed
Services at a Glance


Single Solution

One solution for data, software, and service.


Lower Costs

Reduce costs and administrative burdens and allow your team to focus on more practical projects.


Low Friction

We have expertly trained personnel that can start projects quickly - avoid additional consultants and staff training.


Leverage Global Data

Compare your data through single searches against global compliance data resources.


Quick Turnaround

Matches and results are escalated to you as our resolution team identifies them.


Improve Efficiency

Free up time and achieve compliance with fewer resources.

Regardless of Industry,
We Can Help You

Outsource your partner, third-party
or supplier compliance tasks
to our managed services team.

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Achieve Better Regulatory Compliance, Efficiency, and
Lower Costs by Outsourcing

We are ready to discuss your requirements
and introduce you to our team and services.

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