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Screening and Continuous Monitoring

Mitigate Risks and Maintain Compliance

Receive alerts, run adverse media checks and PEP scans, and track customers
and clients against sanctions and watchlists.

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Simplify KYC and AML

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Gain Control and Visibility
through Extensive AML Screening

Manage regulatory compliance by identifying individuals and entities listed on global watchlists. Leverage AML screening and monitoring using real-time data and streamline your compliance process - enhance fraud detection with daily updates and continuous monitoring.

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Verify Your Customers and Partners
With Ease

Conduct Customer Due Diligence (CDD) by verifying identity documents, conducting screening against sanctions lists, Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs) scans and global watchlists. Enhance your transparency, accuracy, and effectiveness while bolstering your efforts to reduce financial crime.

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Protect Your Business
With Continuous Monitoring and Alerts

Stay informed with alerts on entity risk status, actionable insights, and advanced risk-based due diligence. Our media intelligence system enables proactive risk monitoring by running adverse media checks and screening against sanctions, PEPs, and global watchlists.

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Improve Operational Efficiency
and Reduce Integrity Risk

Save time and scale your businesses without risk by automating or outsourcing AML screening processes. Experience faster checks through intelligent and comprehensive monitoring, reducing false positives and saving money. Stay ahead of evolving regulations and protect against bad actors.

AML Screening and Monitoring
To Help You Scale

Lean into Arritech's proven expertise to reduce risk and friction
and grow your business while maintaining customer trust.

Comprehensive and Efficient Screening Solutions

screening solutions

Comprehensive screening solutions

  • Streamlined compliance processes
  • Access to global data sources
Enable a risk-based due  
diligence approach

Enable a risk-based due diligence approach

  • Efficient customer risk assessment
  • Sanctions, Adverse Media, Enforcements, and PEPs
Reduce false positives

Reduce false positives

  • Ongoing monitoring
  • Easy Implementation
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Secure Your Customer Base
Regardless of Industry

Maintaining compliance with KYC and AML regulations is
critical to protecting your customer base and reputation.



Solutions for efficient and effective KYC/AML screening are crucial in preventing financial crimes and ensuring regulatory compliance.



In finance, screening plays a crucial role in preventing financial crimes. It involves verifying customer identities, assessing their risk level, and monitoring transactions for suspicious activity, ensuring safe and secure banking.


Payment Providers & EMI

We provide Screening Solutions for safe and efficient vendor and customer lifetime cycle management.



Ensure regulatory compliance and prevent fraud and financial crimes in the gaming and gambling industry with our comprehensive screening solutions.



Maintaining regulatory compliance, preventing financial crimes, and preserving a strong reputation in the dynamic crypto industry are vi


Corporate Service Providers

Screening solutions that enable you to understand customers and clients and counterparty AML and reputational risk.



Automatically screen all involved parties against sanctions, PEP and adverse media lists: easy setup and access through your web browser.


Real Estate

Perform the necessary security and AML checks during the sale of the properties within seconds.

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Start Screening Customers
and Protect Your Business

We are ready to discuss your requirements and arrange a demonstration
of screening solutions.

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